Simbola is a preLanguage based on symbols. Simbola is a tool to explore the amazing capacity of a human to learn a new language, especially if it is the first one.

Whenever a child discover it’s first language as a tool to communicate it need to bind something new to something which already exists in it’s mind. I ask myself, how it is possible that every child is able to learn any spoken language on this planet. There must be something below language, something basic, given by nature. This preLanguage might be a universal code handling mechanism which is given to all of us to explore the universe.

Juan Petry

Simbola contributes to the research about the universal language theory.

Simbola offers a tool for studying parts of a language. It describes how a person makes these components his own in order to communicate with his outside world.
These components of a language are understood as compositions of concepts. The concept combine data and instructions. Simbola represents a concept as a space.

To explore this preLanguage we like to introduce you into the world of Simbola.

Simbola goes online

October 2020. Simbola goes online and prepare for the future of this project. You are welcome to join the team. Just contact us.

About us

Simbola was initiated and developed in the spanish think tank CASAdelDRAGON. This open house for creatives from all over the world is located in the province Castellon in Spain. More about the village and the region you find on the official website of the town hall.

If you like to visit the house, the color garden or an exhibition in the gallery have a look at the community website of Familiafeliz, the host of the house of the dragon.

Simbola itself is a social art project. If you like to know more about social art in general and upcoming events have a look at the artist website

Resonsible for this webiste:

Juan Petry
Las Parras, 19
12578 Cervera del Maestre

Phone (+49) 2243 841 647
Mail: (please do not use anymore) jp /at/ el-drac /dot/ org


Hello world…

This is the first post on, the official website of an amazing international social art & science project. Step by step we will add documentation and we will announce events related to the topic of communication and the concept of a preLanguage. Please check this website and its ressources from time to time for …


This website is about Simbola, a graphical preLanguage. The main goal is, to invite you to discover der idea behind Simbola and to explore its power and beauty.

Responsible for this website is:

Juan Petry
Las Parras,19
12578 Cervera del Maestre

Calls : +49 2243 841 647

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Please do not use any more.

This website is in beta – state and under development. Maybe not all funcionality will be available at any time. Please check about updates form time to time.

If you are interested in more deep analysis of the concept behind Simbola, have a look at workshops and lectures. If you would like to share ideas and thoughts about the future of Simbola we are happy to get in touch.