This is your entrance to discover Simbola.


Space > Layer > Shape > Representation :: See the outer frame as a defined space, in computer science we would see it as allocated memory. Inside of this frame each representation of Simbola contains shapes. One shape is related to one layer.

A space contains 1 to 7 layers. Each layer contains 1 shape.

The image shows 7 shapes and therefor 7 layers. The top layer (L7) contains the little circle, the bottom layer (L1) contains the big square.

Each shape is represented by a two-digit number. Actually the Version 1 of Simbola based on 11 shapes: 00, 01, 02, 03 … 10.

The representation 00010203040509 is itself a code for 00 (the big square), 01 (the the upside-down triangle), 02 (the triangle), 03 (the circle), 04 the horizontal bar, 05 the vertical bar and 09 the little circle.

In the process of construction and as well as in usage it is important to realize that not every shape could be seen on every layer.

00010203050409 instead of 00010203040509 would be easy to identify, 00010203040905 not. The little circle would be hidden by the vertical bar. Nevertheless 00010203040905 is a valid representation!

Based on 11 shapes on 7 layers Simbola V1 provides 19.487.171 different representations.


This is a valid representation of Simbola, a little sqaure in the center on layer 7: 00000000000009.


In some representations it is not obvious with shape is related to with layer. In this case 00010203040506 looks equals to 00010203040605.

If you like, continue with the introduction in Simbola.

Below you see all basic shapes.